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(1950—), Doug Tracht (born and raised in the Bronx) was tall and skinny, but he wanted to be macho. Tracht attended Ithaca College, where he worked at the student station and vomited his first time on the radio. After graduating in 1972 with a radio and television degree, he was hired by Washington, D.C.’s WRC to work evenings. He moved to WAPE-AM 690, Jacksonville, Florida, in 1975. In August 1982, he replaced Howard Stern on WWDC-FM. His show commanded over 10 percent of the city’s morning -drive listeners. In 1993, he turned down a $6.5 million renewal offer from WWDC to move to Los Angeles, where Infinity Broadcasting nationally syndicated his show.
Early in his career, Tracht perfected a boss -jock routine based on the prevalent, music -driven radio style of the late 1960s. Once obsessed with anonymity, Tracht hid for many years behind his microphone, but after becoming a bodybuilder, he became comfortable with his true identity. He created words (to replace those forbidden by the Federal Communications Commission [FCC)), running gags, and ad-libs and played off callers. Tracht did no advance preparation and got his ideas from callers or newspapers while on the air. Tracht used several running characters—one is the “lawman” sketch. He believed that he would have been a lawman if he had not found radio, and he actually did some volunteer police training and work during his Jacksonville years. More about the Greaseman here.

Some of his bits you will hear

Fudgeman– Fudgeman and his chicken assistant Throbin save the world from deviant behavior
Back in time with an uzi-the Grease uses the equipment in the radio studio to return to key moments in history with his uzi.
Carlos the International Terrorist– Episodes of running into the famed and heavily armed terrorist, Carlos
Medical Man– Stories about when Nino was the pompous  Dr. Greasemaneli
Sgt. Fury– the Grease relives his time in Vietnam
Clinton– a look at how life would be if the Grease and Clint Eastwood got a knock on the head and decided to live alternative lifestyles.
Law Man– the Grease tells about life as a law man.
Big Dick Brannigan– the Grease tells about his flashback to his past life as a private dick.
Emperor Tocasfacius– the Grease tells about his flashback to his past life as a ruler of the Holy Roman Empire.
Irving Greasemanawitz– the Grease tells about his flashback to his past life as the first Yiddish Lawman.
West Virginia– Greaseman shows his respect for the people of WVA.
My Daddy– Description of how Oscar Greasemaneli gets into trouble
Ugly Women– Recounts of how The Grease and his daddy picked up and enjoyed ingus with ugly women.
Good Ship Grease– stories about how the Grease spends his leisure time in his boat.
South of the border– stories about how the Grease spent time in Mexico.
Toe Monster– The dreaded Toe Monster is exposed for trying to eat the Greaseman’s toes
Blastapiece Theatre– stories told by Sly Stalone
Six Minute Workout– A unique workout for men
Baby talk– Conversations with the unborn
The Greaseman Quiz (formerly the morning quiz)- Watch out Alex Trebek, here comes the Greaseman
Hobo-doo-ga-ga Handbook– Methods to which receive ingus.
Damien– The Grease has occasion to run into the “dark master” while he is trying to perform his duties.
The Maggots – The enduring term for the listeners that would call in.
Estelle – Stories of his time with his sweat hog ex wife.
Village People – Stories from The Grease’s time as the Construction Worker of The Village People
Redneck Songs – A catchy little ditty about his pride in being a redneck.
RJ – Stories from his pompous neighbor when Grease upgraded to his exclusive Fox Hall Road estate.

and many more…..tune in weekday mornings from 6-9am as “We Make America Grease Again!”

Check out some classic footage of the Grease in action!