The official lyric video for the song “The Power Of Metal” from veteran German metallers GRAVE DIGGER can be seen below. The track is taken from the band’s new album, “The Living Dead”, which is being released on September 14 via Napalm Records.

GRAVE DIGGER frontman Chris Boltendahl told Metal Obsession about “The Living Dead”: “I’m really happy about this album, because when we finished ‘Healed By Metal’ [2017], I thought [to] myself, ‘Okay, I’m now three albums in a row, which is more or less classical GRAVE DIGGER stuff. But now, I want to look over the plate, and look a little bit left or right. When I talked to Axel Ritt [guitar] before we were creating the new album, I said to him, ‘Hey, Axel, I need some visions.’ He said, ‘What? You need visions?’ ‘Yes. I need visions from you, so, send me all of your stuff you have in your mind, and then, we sort out what is interesting, whatnot, and meanwhile, I’ll create some cool choruses, and everything.'”

Speaking about his songwriting partnership with Ritt: “I’m writing the lyrics, and normally, I’m writing all the melodies for the choruses, for the verses, and then, I tell [Ritt] the ideas. Then we start creating all the guitar around it. But, then, most of, I think, 90 percent of the guitar work is definitely from Axel, but he’s following most of my advice. That is a good combination; that is something like metal twins can do.”

“The Living Dead” track listing:

01. Fear Of The Living Dead
02. Blade Of The Immortal
03. When Death Passes By
04. Shadow Of The Warrior
05. The Power Of Metal
06. Hymn Of The Damned
07. What War Left Behind
08. Fist In Your Face
09. Insane Pain
10. Zombie Dance
11. Glory Or Grave (bonus track)

The cover artwork can be seen below.

A headlining tour, dubbed “Tour Of The Living Dead”, will launch in Hannover, Germany on January 11, 2019 and finish in Tel Aviv, Israel on February 9, 2019. Support on the trek will come from BURNING WITCHES.


Chris Boltendahl – Vocals
Axel Ritt – Guitar
Jens Becker – Bass
Stefan Arnold – Drums
Marcus Kniep – Keyboards