Los Angeles based post-metal group DAWN FADES will release its self-titled debut album on February 8, 2019 via Metal Assault Records.

Metal Assault has worked with DAWN FADES for a couple of its events in the L.A. area this year, and the band’s live performance was mesmerizing and magnetic every single time, striking an unimaginable and often unattainable balance between ferocity and finesse, and always exhibiting a wide spectrum of musical expressions within the finite 30-minute duration typically allotted to it as a support act.

“Dawn Fades” will be made available on limited-edition vinyl (black and gold color variations) and all digital platforms.

Track listing:

01. Lean (5:06)
02. Conceal (6:10)
03. Ashes (5:36)
04. -(pause)- (0:40)
05. Shackle (5:25)
06. See (4:07)
07. Freeze (6:56)

Following the album’s release, DAWN FADES plans to set out on tour. In the meanwhile, they will continue to hypnotize audiences with their hometown live rituals.


Sam Sherwood (vocals)
Adam El-Gerbi (guitar)
Markus Erren PardiƱas (bass)
Scott Quist (drums)
Nate Hertweck (guitar)

Photo credit: Elizabeth Gore / Lone Wolf Productions